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We are located at 6826 Hyacinth Lane Dallas, TX 75252. We are a home-based business, which gives our classroom a cozy and inviting feeling, however we are currently providing classes via the Skype & Zoom online platforms.  Classes are one-on-one for the time being, at no extra cost to you.  We look forward to the time when we can reunite with our students on-site!!! Give us a call, email, or leave a message in the box below to inquire about our program. 

Ready to commit to a lifestyle of educational success? Click the button below to schedule your child's free assessment today! We have a warm, fuzzy feeling about you already, so be sure to select Gideon Math & Reading of North Dallas for your child's testing. Currently, all of our diagnostic testing is online via Zoom. We will email the necessary tests for you to print, and at the scheduled time, contact you and administer the tests, show you the curriculum, and discuss classes and fees. See you soon! 

Gideon Math & Reading Far North Dallas

6826 Hyacinth Lane

Dallas, TX 75252
469 - 416 - 8135

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