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How to Have a Successful Gideon Class via E-Learning Platforms


Like most things, Gideon classes have had to rapidly evolve to accommodate these strange times. Unlike before, when your child(ren) could come to on-site classes two times per week, and learn in the presence of their peers, class styles and times have been restructured to fit the more specific needs of each student. In many ways, this new medium for learning has proven beneficial, as each student receives even more individualized attention than before. As with anything else, there are also drawbacks, such as interruptions in connectivity and a lack of socialization among students that was once a common part of a normal class day.

We are doing our best to continue to adjust and improve our methods of reaching your child(ren) for the most effective supplemental education experience. Bear with us as we make strides and hammer out the kinks that come with any new practice.

Now, on to the reason you're all here:

Below are a list of things both you and your child(ren) can do to make the most of each Gideon session.

  1. Come prepared with all materials. This includes the Gideon books your student is working on, at present (all are dated for your convenience), as well as pencils, erasers, a sharpener, highlighter, and timer.

  2. Discourage distractions. Some students' classes have been truncated due to the fact that each is now receiving one or more private tutorials per week at no extra cost. Because of this shortened duration, it is imperative that we have largely uninterrupted time with each child. This means that trips to the bathroom should be held before or after class, water should be made available to the student so that he/she does not have to leave the room/session to retrieve it (if you are worried about spills, try a reusable water bottle with a click-close lid or even a sippy cup, for younger learners), and toys should be left in another room so as not to be disruptive. If it is possible, have the device by which your student will be accessing their class in a quieter part of your home, while still being accessible/convenient to you.

  3. Be ready for class at your chosen time. Your child's instructor will either send you a reminder of the upcoming class(es) or she will call/invite you with ample time for the students and parents to prepare. Please be sure to sign in to your e-learning service prior to the start time of class so that the session can begin when needed.

  4. Have a parent, grandparent, or older sibling available to younger learners during class time. Some of our students are brand new to reading, and as such, can't always communicate which page(s) they have been working on, nor which book they might be working in. For students enrolled in Gideon as Young Learners, we ask that an adult family member be present throughout the class time, to help the instructor coordinate about materials and corrections that will need to be made in order to enhance the students' understanding.

  5. Have a positive attitude at the beginning of each session. It's summer, and a lot of kids are not wild about the idea of completing work in excess of the normal school year. As the parent, your attitude toward this supplemental material can sway your student's view of these sessions in a very positive way. Treating these one-on-one meetings as a fabulous opportunity to make school feel easier when it starts is one way to help your student feel open to accepting the wonderful gift of education you are providing them.

Sometimes, it will be hard for a student to stay positive during a class. This is understandable. Not everyone will pass the test(s) they are taking the first time around, and for some kids, this can feel like a huge blow to their confidence. We will work with you to help bolster your child's self-esteem. We truly care about each one of your children. A great part of learning is largely psychological. In order to learn, one must be willing to put forth effort, and to recognize that, while failures do occur, success is also not only possible, but probable. We are here to support you and your children through all of the phases of the learning experience. This is just one of the things we will continue to do for our students and families.

What we, as instructors, will do to help ensure a good class session:

  1. We will be here for your student on time! Being a constant for your children during these uncertain times is something we believe is invaluable in their lives. We will show them the great respect we have for them by being on time and prepared for their sessions and by having. . .

  2. a positive attitude! We will always embrace every student in positivity as we help them navigate older and newer concepts. We recognize emotions have been running high throughout the pandemic, and that stress can have a trickle down effect on children, too. Not only are we here to help advance their academic knowledge, but to act as part of their emotional support network. It is that trust that makes learning possible, after all.

  3. We will provide your students with the latest and greatest curriculum, according to research. Our corporate headquarters are responsible for the constant research and development necessary to stay relevant in the supplemental education industry. It is because of them, and our wonderful instructors, that we can continue to offer up-to-date materials that are guaranteed to maximize your children's chances at educational success.

  4. We are available for support, even outside the virtual classroom! Have a question? You are more than welcome to call or text our owner or email our secondary instructor! We recommend urgent inquiries be directed to the owner. We realize that some of the methods we have had to implement can be confusing at times. Don't hesitate to seek clarification or to give us feedback.

Thanks for reading! We hope these tips help create the ideal class for your learner!.

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