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How to Keep Your Child Learning!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

We recognize that these are trying times. Many school districts across the country have been closed for an undetermined length of time, leaving both parents and kids wondering what to do with themselves. Many parents are now working from home and trying to provide educational experiences for their now-homebound children; it's a lot to handle!

Let us help. Below is a list of suggestions that can fill your child's unexpected free time with the educational experiences they're currently lacking (and help you to grab some time to accomplish your own tasks!)

1. Learn a foreign language: In a matter of minutes, your child can create an account on one or more FREE language learning sites/applications for computer, phone, or tablet. You will need access to the internet for this.

Help your child create his/her online account on:

Now that you're all signed up, choose a language, set a goal, and complete the necessary number of practices per day to stay in good standing.

2. Cook or bake with a loved one (most preferably an adult): Adults know that math skills come in handy in cooking or baking exercises. It's nearly impossible to halve, double or even triple your favorite recipes without understanding fractions and proportions. Set aside an hour or two during the week to instruct the kids in a baking lesson. Chocolate chip cookies are a favorite. Discuss the recipe and its ingredients with your kids, and ask them if they would know what to do if they were to double (make twice as many more, yum!) cookies. Struggling is a part of the process, so provide the needed tools (pencil, paper, and loving support) while they figure out this step. Grab the newly calculated ingredients, combine them all together, and get ready for a delicious and educational treat!

3. Story Time: Reading aloud is a skill that often goes unpracticed in both public and private school settings. If you have more than one child, let each kid (of reading age) pick out an age-appropriate book they'd like to read aloud to his or her sibling(s). Have them take turns reading to one another, or if you would like to be involved, set aside an hour at bedtime to ensure that each child has the chance to read aloud to you before lights out. The more practice they have with this skill, the more comfortable they'll be when it comes to presenting projects in upper grades.

4. Our last (but not least!) suggestion for today is have your child complete EXTRA Gideon work at home. The Gideon program is designed to have a child attend twice weekly classes while completing homework for every day they are not in class. Due to the lack of formal education many children are currently experiencing, they have ample time to double up in both Math and Reading curricula.

If your child is a math student: Have him/her complete 8 pages of computation per day, and 2 pages of math word problems

If your child is a reading student: Have him/her complete 8 pages of reading and 4 pages of grammar

If your child participates in both subjects: The guidelines will resemble the above, combined. If the kiddos give you grief, simply remind them that all of this work will still take them less time than they spend learning during a regular 8 hour school day.

If you need more books, please contact us, there is no extra charge!

If you are looking for your learners to spend more time in class, we do offer fee schedules for 3 and 4 times weekly students. Inquire within!

We will make it through this together, no sweat!

Additional Suggestions:

5. Have your kids try

Free Rice is a free program where your participation can directly aid impoverished peoples with donations of food. You or your child (or both) will answer vocabulary questions for the chance to help those less fortunate, all the while improving your knowledge of the English language! It is truly a sweet deal!

6. For our older or more advanced students, we recommend

This is an especially handy website for SAT and ACT vocab. practice, and some parents taking courses for specific career preparation may find it handy, too! Also available on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

7. This next is a game I studied in my Undergraduate Neuroscience Program at The University of Texas at Dallas:

The Tower of Hanoi is an excellent test of problem-solving abilities, and your child can choose to level up at any time for added difficulty. I still enjoy playing this game, so hopefully you and your children will, too!

Feel free to leave comments with what has worked to keep your family sane during this trying time, and as always, we miss you all and wish you health and safety!

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