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Keeping What Matters at Heart

Hello to new friends and Gideon families, past and present. At Gideon Math & Reading of Far North Dallas, we want you all to know that we understand your concerns pertaining to COVID-19. The way this illness has unfolded has left us all with many questions, and the constant updates as per the specifics of dealing with the virus can leave one feeling completely overwhelmed. We hear you, and we want you to know that we take (very, very seriously) each and every one of your concerns to heart on the matter of your family's health.

To those of you self-quarantining, we hope you are all staying healthy and are not going stir-crazy. We appreciate your precautionary measures.

To those of you unsure as to how to proceed, just know that we are here to answer any and all questions pertaining to how our learning center is handling the many recent updates.

1. We want you all to be aware that we are adhering closely to best practices, such as regularly sanitizing high-touch surfaces with professional grade disinfectants.

2. We have advised any clients who have recently traveled outside of the country or who have visited high-risk domestic areas to defer Gideon attendance for two weeks post-return from said areas (makeup classes will be available after the appropriate amount of time has passed).

3. We advise that no child comes to class sick, and that any child who -has- been ill be fever-free for a minimum of 24 hours prior to returning to class. We do not consider an internal temperature that has been temporarily lowered by fever-reducing medications to be sufficient for a return to class.

4. We have, and will continue, to instruct students on proper restroom hygiene practices (hand-washing), and will continue to supply them with antibacterial soap and sanitizers to use throughout class, as needed.

We take these matters of health seriously, not only for ourselves, but for our families. If you have additional concerns, please reach out to us via phone, email, or contact on our site. We would love to hear from you!

As of now, we will be continuing with our regularly scheduled classes. We cannot stress enough how important education is, now more than ever, at a time when some children are entering their 2nd week out from regular schooling. If you do not feel safe to come to class, please inquire about our correspondence program. This is not the time to allow your child's education to languish, but to give them the additional mental reassurance that only structure can provide. Have your child(ren) complete homework every day, as scheduled. If you would like for your child to complete additional homework in the absence of their regular schooling, contact us to make these arrangements. We understand that this global health scare has exposed a massive shortfall in our country's ability to educate our youth through a continued crisis. Gideon has always been about bridging the gap between where your child is, and where we know they can be. Let's maintain a climate of educational excellence, whether via face-to-face instruction, or correspondence via mail. For those of you interested in additional classes in the absence of regular schooling, we offer accelerated programs for attendance 3 and 4 times per week. Inquire within! Together, we can strive for success amidst the current confusion.

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