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A $50 registration fee (per child) is required at the time of enrollment. Families enrolling 3+ students will only pay two registration costs. 


We love providing families with a range of options to best suit their learners' needs. For students capable of learning at a quicker than average pace, we offer accelerated learning with our *3 month prepay package. Students involved in this program will complete extra Gideon work on a daily basis, increasing the rate of their personal progress.

*Prepays are non-refundable.

Monthly Tuition:

Young Learners

Young Learners (YL) are those students who either don't yet know the basics of math and/or reading, or are still working to grasp them. These children require more help during an instructional session than an Independent Learner. Their fee schedules are as follows:

  • YL Math ONLY: $140/month

  • YL Reading ONLY: $180/month

  • YL Double Subject (M&R): $300/month (including a $20 discount!)

Independent Learners

Independent Learners (IL) are those students who have mastered the basics or math and/or reading, and are looking to enhance this knowledge. These children require less hands-on help during an instructional session. Their fee schedules are as follows:

  • IL Math ONLY: $130/month

  • IL Reading ONLY: $150/month

  • IL Double Subject (M&R): $260/month (including a $20 discount!)

Additional Fees:

Additional fees are a rarity, but there are cases in which they occur:

  • Replacement homework carrier (box)

  • Replacement timer*

  • Purchase of Gideon Gear (Logo T-Shirts, Tumblers, and more)

*Timers deemed defective at time of receipt can be replaced at no additional cost, provided that the device is returned to us. Timers broken from normal wear or misuse require a replacement fee.

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